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Universal Studio? Disneyland? NASA Kennedy Space Center? Give the finishing touch to your East Coast trip!

For 4 travelers prices start from 775 GBP pp, for 2 traveleres from 849 GBP pp

The trip includes

  • London (or other major UK airport) – New York, Miami-London (or other major UK airport) flight ticket, all fees and taxes incl.
  • Tickets for direct or well scheduled connecting flights, checked-in baggage (max. 23 kg/50 pounds)
  • New York – Orlando flight ticket, all fees and taxes incl.
  • Car rental with insurance for the Orlando – Miami trip
  • Cosy accommodation 15-20 min. from Manhattan’s center, easily accessible
  • Accommodation on South Beach, the most popular area of Miami
  • Cosy accommodation in the center of Orlando


We will help you

  • to save a huge amount of time and money
  • fully costumize your trip, based on your preferences
  • maximalize value for your money and time, in all aspects of your trip
  • arrange bookings for flights, accommodation, car hire and cruises (upon request)


You will receive priceless information in our detailed guide about

  • program recommendations, tips and maps
  • check-in, insurances, car hire, public transportation
  • phone calls in the US, internet access, navigation
  • available discounts for tickets and programs, cool places to eat
  • ESTA application and getting through Homeland Security


You will pay your booking directly to the service providers (eg.British Airways) not to us, so you have no risk. We invoice a consultancy fee, which is 12% of the total booking price. For more info about our business model, visit the about us section.

For photos of main attractions nearby check out our gallery!

You can find photos of our favorite and highly recommended accommodations here 

Optional programs from New York

Niagara Falls: 2 days, 1 night extension with car rental, insurance, accommodation and tickets. For 4 travelers starting from 36 GBP/person, in case of 2 travelers from 64 GBP/person.

Washington: 1 day city tour by bus, train or car starting from 18 GBP/person! In case you would like to spend a night there, it can be substituted for a night in New York, or for an extra 20 GBP/person (for 4 travelers), we can reserve a night in private accommodation in the centre. Entrance fees excluded.

Boston: 1 day city tour by bus, train or car starting from 18 GBP/person! In case you would like to spend a night there, it can be substituted for a night in New York, or in case of 4 travelers, for an extra 24 GBP/person, we can reserve a night in a private accommodation in the centre. Entrance fees excluded. If you like nature, I strongly recommend a day’s trip to White Mountain Forest.

Niagara Falls & Washington: For this option, an extension of 4 days and 3 nights is needed, with car rental and accommodation. The price starts from 72 GBP/person (in case of 4 travelers) and from 130 GBP/person (in case of 2 travelers).


Optional programs from Miami

1 day ferry trip to the Bahamas: whole day trip from early morning till late night to the Bahamas. Time spent on the island: approx. 6,5 hours. The price of this program starts from 83 GBP/person, depending on the season.

In case you are interested in a longer cruises, check out Carribean cruises from Miami!

Key West: Trip to the Southernmost Point of continental USA, a Caribbean US city. The road is unique, as it leads above the ocean. Car rental, including all fees and taxes from 30 GBP/day, which can be divided between 1-5 people.

Everglades National Park: Trip to one of the best safari parks of the Everglades National Park, where you can enjoy airboat trips through the marshes, alligator’s show and jungle walk. Great experience for the whole family! The trip is available from 30 GBP/person, including car rental and tickets! A visit to Naples makes it a nice day trip!

Naples: it’s located in the west coast of Florida, an amazing place, 2 hours drive from Miami. Naples is known for its nice, clean streets, and beautiful, long white sandy beaches with impressive flora and fauna. The coast is full of colorful birds, pelicans and sometimes you can even see dolphins near the coast. It’s worth spending 2-3 days here!Car rental costs approx. 30 GBP/day. If you want to spend more days here, we are happy to help you find accommodation at reasonable price in the best area of the city!


Orlando: Universal Studio, Disneyland, NASA Space Center, Sea World. Tickets are not included in the price!

Options to extend your trip

Caribbean Cruises, Hawaii, Mexico


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