Entreprenur and company data:

Kinga Mattyus

Entreprenur registration number: 52232444

Tax number: 68773995141

Address: 1037 Budapest, Táborhegyi lépcső 3/b

E-mail: kinga@america-foryou.com

Szilveszter Sorban

Entrepreneur registration number: 52114609

Tax number: 68694186129

Address: 1078 Budapest, István utca 3.

E-mail: szilveszter@america-foryou.com

Data management permit number:


Valid on all EU markets. Registered and approved by the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.  More information: https://naih.hu/general-information.html

Source of  photos:

Own pictures and Shutterstock licensed photos.

Storage service provider:

MikroVPS Ltd.

Address: 1096 Budapest, Sobieski János utca 19-21/A

Tax number: 25189861-2-43

EU tax number: HU25189861

Customer service of provide : e-mail: support@mikrovps.hu , +3694200210

General Terms and Conditions:

Available upon request. All clients wish to cooperate with us receives the terms and conditions in advance. The document is compliant with EU legislation.