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Spend some days in a hotel on water and discover different parts of the Caribbean!

The cruise can be added to our east coast USA trips as an extension. You can find all east coast trips here.

The cruise includes:

  • Accommodation in cosy and comfortable cabins, with separate bathrooms
  • Port charges and taxes
  • Unlimited meals
  • Free coffee, tea, lemonade, soft beverages and water
  • Pools, bars, theater, cinema, restaurants, gym, sauna and casino on board
  • During the trip the cruise ship docks at several Caribbean ports, where you can participate in amazing programs


What to expect?

If you plan to visit cities on the East Coast, a cruise trip might be an excellent extension to your trip. We can arrange it at a very reasonable price, if you don’t wish to travel in high season, like around Christmas or New Year’s Eve. In case you are not that interested in Miami, we can also book a cruise without nights in Miami, since most of the cruises start in the afternoon and return in the morning. There are shorter cruises (3-4 nights), and longer ones (6-7 nights) and the longest ones are 2 weeks long. Cruises are typically all inclusive, which means you can enjoy unlimited food (different types of special seafood and steaks) and drinks (except for alcoholic beverages) aboard. The ships are like hotels on the sea, they have pools, jacuzzis, gyms, wellness departments/centres/areas, theatre, cinema, bars, discos etc. There are plenty of fun activities for the whole family. The ships typically dock early in the morning in one of the ports or bays of the Caribbean Area, where you have the whole day for yourself. You can also take part in many exciting programs: quad biking, swimming with dolphins, sailing, diving, island tours etc. Late in the afternoon, the ship moves on to its next destination, so in the evening you can have a nice dinner on board. We help you choose the best cruise with the best programs, customized to all of your needs.

We will help you

  • to save a huge amount of time and money
  • fully costumize your trip, based on your preferences
  • maximalize value for your money and time, in all aspects of your trip
  • arrange bookings for flights, accommodation, car hire and cruises (upon request)

You will receive priceless information in our detailed guide about

  • program recommendations, tips and maps
  • check-in, insurances, car hire, public transportation
  • phone calls in the US, internet access, navigation
  • available discounts for tickets and programs, cool places to eat
  • ESTA application and getting through Homeland Security


You will pay your booking directly to the service providers (eg.British Airways) not to us, so you have no risk. We invoice a consultancy fee, which is 12% of the total booking price. For more info about our business model, visit the about us section.


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Getting to Miami:

We can combine all of our trips with cruises, but if Miami is not included in your basic trip, an extra domestic flight ticket will be added to the basic price. Furthermore, please note that there may be a price difference for your flight back to the origin airport, due to change in your outbound U.S. airport.

Expected Cruise prices

During the summer months cruises are much more expensive, around Christmas and New Year’s Eve they can even cost three times the normal price.

Expected prices per person with full service, including taxes and port charges:

  • 4 days trip: cabin for 4 / 3 / 2 people costs 225 / 260 / 280 EUR per person
  • 5 days trip: cabin for 4 / 3 / 2 people costs 249 / 279 / 309 EUR pp
  • 6 days trip: cabin for 4 / 3 / 2 people costs 349 / 369 / 379 EUR pp
  • 8 days trip: cabin for 4 / 3 / 2 people costs 379 / 409 / 459 EUR pp


Some companies offer extra discounts for children!

Ask for an offer to get your customized trip with more accurate prices!

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